Yue Sai

Founded in 1992 by the Media icon and businesswoman, Mrs. Yue-Sai Kan, the Yue Sai brand has been a pioneer in the cosmetics market in China ever since. As part of the L'Oréal Luxury Division, it has been offering unique beauty solutions through a complete knowledge of Chinese women's skin tones and needs for over 20 years.

Yue Sai Product Campaign

In 1998, Yue Sai was already the leading brand of cosmetics on the high-end Chinese market. L'Oréal expanded into China in 2004, it was further enhanced by acquiring one of the prides of China, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the combination of advanced extraction techniques for both skin care products and makeup. With its unique and extensive research on the Chinese skin tones, Yue Sai cosmetics offers products adapted for Asian women, and promotes the Chinese "holistic" approach to beauty that establishes a link between the inner beauty and external beauty.

In 2007, Yue Sai launched Ganoderma Vital Essential, which quickly became the flagship of the brand. Ganoderma Vital Essential contains a unique extraction of Ganoderma, a rare fungus, known for its stimulating properties, used in TCM.

In 2012, Yue Sai revolutionizes the field of moisturizers with Water Hold Silver Ear and its active ingredient derived from the TCM, which is five times more powerful at capturing water than hyaluronic acid, commonly used in the West. Another characteristic product, Angelica Brighten uses a root known for its pigmentation properties, this range includes BB Cream that adds color, a popular product with young customers. Yue Sai has also revolutionized the cosmetics industry with Chinese TCM skincare foundation.

Working for 20 years with Chinese TCM laboratories, the brand has increased its research and innovation on the Chinese skin tones in order to develop formulas that are adapted to their environment, climate and needs. Because "nobody knows Chinese skin tone and coloring better than Yue Sai!” The brand continues to innovate, proudly defending the Chinese vision of beauty.

The most popular products are: Yue Sai Ganoderma Vital Essential tonic, Water Hold Silver Ear emulsion, Ganoderma Vitalize, fluid foundation.